I’d write to you everyday, of stories of heroes and monsters at sea, of little fish that swim endlessly, of bears that don’t feel free.  I’d sing you songs of silver, songs of every season, day and weather.  And when words run out, I’d draw the ways we love and we laugh and it’ll be […]


This often runs through my mind:  Maybe I’m meant to live on the other side of the world.  Because I’m up all night, aching to sleep by daybreak–It’s like my body’s longing for a different timezone.  I hate the sound of buses. It reminds me of busyness and deadlines and traffic and run on sentences.  […]

Battle Studies

Lord, I don’t know which way I am going.  Still got such a long way to go.  Elections are in 9 days.  The battle intensifies.  I pray for the people at the battlefront. That they may always remember what it means to fight the good fight. To stand for integrity, honor and duty.  For the […]

Spacing out

I miss writing. I miss reading. I miss cooking. I miss baking. I miss sand between my toes. Hair grown messy from the wind. Uneven skintones. The smell of sunblock that clings to the walls of the room. The sound of waves crashing shore. I miss jogging at 5pm, just as the sun sets. Pushing […]

Real world

The world belongs to those who: 1. wake up earlier than everybody else 2. read a lot 3. are small-talk experts 4. are brave! 5. work harder than everybody else  Remember that as much as you would want to own the world you also owe it!!!