Series 1: What if we lived in mars?

Would we be called Marsians? Marlings?

Would the mountains and canyons look the same? Do they grow green and smell the way they do here? because that’s what made earth feel like home.

Maybe they would build bodies of water and force rain down. Yes, men can be relentless like that.

Would they build farmlands? Would people even need to make their own food? or would they just get it Space X-ed from earth? (Where food tastes better)

Hospitals, roads, wires, and homes would probably be built first. You think they would be like the city blocks in Barcelona?

Or would they try to make it an Earth 2.0? A better world. Where men don’t need to fight over land because everyone is entitled to a fair share. Where everyone has a garden to tend and dogs to play with. Where the wildlife is left alone, allowing it flourish.

Would school be different because survival will be different there? Would the kids have the freedom to go out late at night if nights are too cold? Would kids born there understand their world is “man-built”?

Would going to the beach ever be the same? With the sun looking almost blue so far away and two moons at night to see. Would anyone even get tan?

But most importantly, how fast do you think their wifi connection can go?


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