Carl Tragico

Last July 20, 2015, I lost a friend. He was a 6 1/2 boy who had Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. He was diagnosed at age 5 and regularly went to the hospital for chemotherapy sessions. As often as his session required, he traveled from home (near the airport) to a hospital at V. Luna, Banawe where I was able to meet him in my visits. His parents and auntie cared for him much for he was the only child in the family.

I will forever remember the day you and I spent that one afternoon together at the hospital. You had so much energy and love. You were a definite survivor in my eyes–strong willed, well-loved and a fighter. You didn’t take no for an answer and you dreamt to be a pilot one day.

I will never forget the way your parents talked about you during your wake. I will never forget their heartache in letting you go. For your mom to tell say “you can rest now, we will see each other again” and to your father who will always see you as his baby–his one and only child. I cannot begin to understand how painful it must have been for them to let you go like that. They loved you dearly and you were blessed with the most genuine love everyone deserves.

I miss you, Carl. Though I barely knew you. You have touched my life in ways I am not even sure yet. Teach me how to be brave. Teach me how to fight like you. 

Thank you for your life, Carl


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