Stupid, but therapeutic

It is always at the height of stress, cramming and positive lack of time that I decide to blog. It’s stupid, but therapeutic (and so are many other things). Honestly, I’m not so sure of what I’ve been doing lately, or what I’ve been wanting lately. I feel kind of lost, like college is making me normal (not that normal is bad. it’s just that I lost my passion for so many things)


maybe I just grow annoyed when I’m left to deal with rereading readings (btw, this is an english reading.. FOR MY FILIPINO CLASS). There are so many things that I don’t understand. Btw, check out my Fil notebook! These notebooks are quite common in the Philippines, you usually find them in the marketplace or those tiny local bookstores. We get extra points for using these kinds of notebooks during Fil class!  I know, my life, so interesting.

 “Gusto ko maramdaman niyo ang kahihiyan”  (I want you to feel the shame)  -Sir Atienza


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