Heart’s bay

(Anis Mojgani, really good)


Through the 18 years that I have grown comfy with this breathing in and out, I’ve come to notice that life is the journey of meeting; each instance accompanied by an effort to keep them near or possibly even far from heart’s bay. People are beings contained in bodies, we breathe their being in, we learn. In return, they too, grow from us. Have you ever noticed it? They may be in form of passers-by, strangers on the train, that guard who you’ve always found shady, casual company, those one night… chats, awkward friends results of awkward situations, friends for life, friends for now, or perhaps that someone who’ll make your days a little bit brighter. We live to meet that right mix of company and surround ourselves with it to feel good–to feel alive. Religion is governed by hope that if we do the right things, perhaps we’ll be with the right people in forever, politics boasts of being the right person we have yet to meet, get to know and leave in his hands a nation’s tomorrow, entertainment sells the right people–the right personalities that we oh so desperately long to meet, law provides us an avenue of discerning who we can meet–do they belong behind bars or are they safe to coexist with?, love and friends come when you find the right stones which aren’t too heavy and neither are they too light and pleasantly surprise you with the warm glow they possess despite the darkest of times and family, the people we have been destined to meet, the greatest comfort which surrounds us unwaveringly. At this point, it’s hard to complain as there are so many things to be grateful for. 


2 thoughts on “Heart’s bay

  1. Enrique

    Not to contradict what you said about money, but I’d rather take it as a neutral object. You can use money to isolate and distract yourself with material objects or use it as a bridge to give, to share, to travel and to touch more lives spreading this ‘magic’ with even more people than could without it.

    Besides that, good post πŸ™‚

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