Comics and you

At times, I drift off to wonder where you are right now; If you’re okay in the great abyss that we, the alive, often talk about. Well, for my heart’s sake, I hope you are. In case you’re wondering, I miss you (although I don’t always show it) but I’ve been busy; so busy that I could easily push thoughts to the crevices of my mind no matter the gravity, and by now, I think you’ve already noticed that. But today, with love, I decide to write about you as if to solidify the memory. With you will always follow your greatness–but that’s mine to remember. You were so cool, so nice, so kind and simply just boss. In my thoughts, I always envision you sitting on your favorite chair in the bedroom reading those comics; laughing silently as your age would permit you to do so. You would find them so funny although I quietly begged to differ. Though I did try, I never understood them fully as they were in Chinese. You had sets of them, it was your collection, it was you. Those comics neatly arranged in your bedroom–above your bed, in your glass cabinets, in the bathroom up till the hospital bed. Now, I wonder what happened to them. Are they still there? have they been kept away? or at least who’s going to keep them for you? I never bothered to look at them, or maybe I just didn’t want to. You do know I still have with me one of your comics, the red one with the colored cover, I think it’s part of the limited edition set. You know time and circumstance never gave me the chance to return it and I’m sorry, I don’t think I ever will.

It’s been 2 years and a while.


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