Hug Sandwich

When there are no words left to say, thank God for hugs

That moment of assurance; that familiar gesture beginning with the eyes, the breaking of the smile and followed up by arms wide open. They are the most inviting invitation, the most comfortable comfort and the most warm warmth–they are the 2 second gifts that we are surprised with on our lucky days. In moments like these, the things we have  feared to be our greatest battle yet, succumbs to nothing from the safety blanket that we have so carefully wrapped ourselves in. When the chin rests well on the shoulder, hearts close, good vibes racing to all directions and love all around, what more could you ask for?

Thank God for hugs and good huggers at that.


A series of quite fortunate events

Just got home from my visit to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center with Kythe! This is my “bedside kid” Jane from the pediatrics ward. Good to know she’s finally coming home today. 🙂


Kythe (Scottish Word) : Healing through simple sharing and togetherness

Marginal Utility

Those awful things are survivable, because we are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be -John Green, Looking for Alaska

You can’t always be sure that you make the right choices.

Some go as planned and some backfire like hell, so we find what’s best out of every possible scenario. List down the things you learn, the people you meet, the smiles that you’ve made. From here on, the things you felt most delicate about transfers into folder TERO (Tough Experience Ran Over) Write things down, take naps–do what makes you happy and I know everything else puzzles itself together for you. Work hard, pray hard and fight even harder.

I’m off to bed now!

Side note: 

FAJ, I’m so excited to get my life back after this non-blogging-busyness-huhuness hiatus of life.Image

I think you should sleep as well, my friend.